About Us

Investment Management

Rock Mill  provides investment advisory services to Clients according to the firm’s investment strategy.  


Rock Mill seeks to achieve risk-adjusted long-term capital appreciation through opportunistically investing in a concentrated portfolio of securities that trade at a discount to an estimate of intrinsic value. 

Safety of Principal

"Many investors mistakenly establish an investment goal of achieving a specific rate of return. Setting a goal, unfortunately, does not make that return achievable. Indeed, no matter what the goal, it may be out of reach. Stating that you want to earn, say, 15 percent a year, does not tell you a thing about how to achieve it. Investment returns are not a direct function of how long or hard you work or how much you wish to earn. A ditch digger can work an hour of overtime for extra pay, and a piece worker earns more the more he or she produces. An investor cannot decide to think harder or put in overtime in order to achieve a higher return. All an investor can do is follow a consistently disciplined and rigorous approach; over time the returns will come." - Seth Klarman